During the week of the “World Pasta Day” Which is celebrated on 25 October and which begins at the same time as the celebrations of the Mediterranean diet, a food model widespread in some countries of the Mediterranean basin recognized by UNESCO as a protected asset and included in the list of oral and intangible heritage of humanity in 2010, I want remember a pasta brand that made the history of Sicily and that is still remembered today as a brand of quality, values ​​and tradition: Pasta Tomasello.

Of course, it is easy for me to write about this brand, about a company with which I grew up, but it is true that talking about Tomasello is talking about the culinary tradition of our land, the evolution of Sicilian pasta, all Sicilians, in particular from Palermo who still require it today and who are unable to find formats such as, for example, that of the “spaghettoni n ° 5” currently not equaled by others. It is the story of a territory that disappears but remains full of meanings in the memories. Even today, the void on the shelves is evident as is the loss of a taste that no longer exists. Pasta Tomasello has represented for generations the excellence of a product within everyone’s reach.

Therefore, we dedicate this week to Sicilian pasta, we cook the most beautiful pasta dishes of our tradition and “post them” on all social networks with a photo of the dish together with the Sicilian pasta package with which we prepared it, inserting #accademiasicilianadellapasta and # ioamolapastasiciliana. Let us remember that only we consumers can make a difference for the economy of our land. Let’s do it for all the small pasta factories that were born in this period and that with great efforts offer us an entirely regional product of great quality. Only in this way can a territory live, with our choices and with the awareness that our product is unique.

Tomasello pasta thanks all the consumers who have chosen it and who will continue to talk about it, and then who knows after all tomorrow is another day … who knows!