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The centerpiece: an essential element for an elegant table

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

Awell-laid table is the first element to be observed just before sitting down. The cutlery in the right place, decorated dishes or even simple but well arranged, and glasses almost with the perfect glass without any sign. But what makes the difference is certainly the decoration that accompanies and frames the perfect table: the centerpiece. Often this is an element that is overlooked as we are content with a few flowers or some placeholders, while the centerpieces, or in any case the table decorations, make the big difference. Let’s go step by step and analyze how it should be:

  • The style must be in harmony with that of the evening; therefore, focusing on the elegant, modern, friendly, professional.
  • The colors should match the dishes on the table or the tablecloth; it depends a lot on the tone of the evening; sometimes it is peculiar and whimsical to use completely different colors.
  • If the centerpiece is made up of various elements, these must be proportionate to the length or capacity of the table, so that they are absolutely in harmony with all the other elements.
  • if instead of flowers we use candles, we must remember that these, in addition to making heat, get wasted and often leave residues of wax; therefore, make sure that they are candles that do not strain and above all that at the end of the meal they are out.
  • The proportions must be right, neither too small nor too large; above all, attention must be paid to the height: it must not be too high and therefore annoy the visibility among the guests.
  • If we choose flowers, we avoid those that are too fragrant. It is important that the smells of the food are not mixed or covered by those of the flowers.
  • If we choose fruit, we make sure that it is perfect, shiny and spotless and that it matches well with each other.
  • If we choose vegetables, which are fresh and above all we are careful if they wither during the meal: it would be very inconvenient.
Remember, therefore, to follow these rules in order not to incur any criticism in order to enhance our good taste and our imagination with the desired effect of an elegant and welcoming table.

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