Enrico Conti chef from Palermo transplanted to Switzerland.

Since I was a child I have had a passion for food thanks to the profession of my breeder father. Over the years, thanks to the direct contact with nature in the family business, I acquired a good knowledge of local products and I understood that I had to undertake a hotel study course at the CNOS-FAP (Professional Institute) catering course.
During the school path I did internships in Palermo in an important 4-star structure. Step by step, I enrich my cultural background in the art of cooking. After the various experiences in Sicily and in the smaller islands, I end my hotel study path. Subsequently, I decided to deepen my professional experience in other Italian regions, working for private yachts and resorts. The passion for the various culinary cultures led me to work in Spain and other places in Europe, up to Switzerland. I have lived in Switzerland for 9 years and work in a facility as a Sous Chef. I love to describe our Sicilian products, traditions, characteristics, smells and culture, so that others can have the opportunity to get to know our territory, our history.
With love
Enrico Conti


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